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Herocraft will be bringing the hit iOS game Ant Raid to Android soon

One of the all time highest rated iOS strategy games, according to Metacritic, will be making the jump onto Android soon thanks to Herocraft. Currently sitting in the number two spot for iOS strategy games on Metacritic, Ant Raid will have you playing as ants in a real-time strategy game.

Mixed with a good portion of comedy to enjoy, Ant Raid will have you trying to get your ant colony to survive and prosper while having to deal with swarms of other bugs who have somehow been mutated into mindless monsters. Everyone has seen ants in the real world, generally working together for a common goal. That idea is brought into Ant Raid as well.

Since the creatures you will be taking down are much larger than any single ant in the colony, you will have to get them to work together in order to defeat the bigger creatures that threaten your colony. You will also be able to rescue any fallen comrades in the process. As it stands right now, Ant Raid will be available on Android in Q4 2012. No word on pricing just yet.

Developer Website: Herocraft

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