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Marvel begins teasing their upcoming The Avengers mobile game

The Avengers movie hit theaters this Summer and was actually pretty good. Now Marvel is looking to keep the successful of that movie going by releasing a mobile game based off of the movie itself. Even though it is based off of the movie, don’t be surprised if other superheroes make appearances as well.

There really isn’t a whole lot known about this game right now unfortunately, including what mobile platforms this game will even arrive on, but what we do know is a little about the storyline at least. The story focuses around S.H.E.I.L.D’s prison complex where something happens that allows the escape of several well known villains to take place. Obviously it is up to the Avengers to go out and recapture them all and stick them back in their cells for good.

The Avengers mobile game could end up being an episodic game as everything is split up into missions. Marvel could end up releasing additional missions on an ongoing basis. Of course now we are traveling into the realm of speculation. Until more details are released, all we have is Marvel’s teaser trailer to watch.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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