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Trainz Driver will soon be getting Steam-powered locomotives

N3V Games and their slightly scaled down version of their Trainz Simulator game for phones, called Trainz Driver, will soon be getting an update that will bring with it a whole new category of trains into the mix for you to drive. While the full game features landscape modeling and customizable track lay-outs, that is only for tablets.

Trainz Driver, however, lets you drive all the trains available in Trainz Simulator but on your Android phone. You can switch through multiple viewpoints and even work as a train conductor, dropping off and picking up passengers at trains stations, loading up cargo and so on.

Soon you will be able to drive a very realistic looking steam locomotive in Trainz Driver as well, doing all the same things as before but this time in a steam-powered train known as the ‘482 Mountain’. Along with the new train, the update will bring 3 new tutorial scenarios and new gameplay sessions. This update, available through an in-game purchase, will be available soon and will be called “The Steam Introduction pack” but another pack will soon be coming that will bring ‘The Big Boy’ into the game.

Both packs will be available soon with the first one arriving pretty quickly. Both will be available for $0.99 when they do arrive.

Developer Website: N3V Games

Google Play Link: Trainz Driver

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