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There’s a lot more to the upcoming 0.4.0 Minecraft: Pocket Edition update than just Creepers

Yesterday we talked about the next Minecraft: Pocket Edition update, labeled as being version 0.4.0, and that it would bring with it Creepers and Chests to the game. Shortly after posting this, we found out that there is a lot more to the upcoming update than just those two things.

In a move that doesn’t happen very often, at least not until an update is closer to release, Mojang has posted the entire changelog for the 0.4.0 update. Aside from Creepers and Chests arriving, another really requested feature is on the way, beds! Soon you will be able to skip through the night and save spawn points using beds. Zombies will also be dropping feathers when they die and new food items will be added to the game such as Apples, Mushroom Soup, Beef, Chicken and Pork. Check out the full changelog below:

New features:

– Chests to store items
– Beds to skip night and setting your spawn point
– Creepers!
– TNT, and flint and steel to ignite
– Food items added: apples, bread, mushroom soup, beef, chicken and pork
– Added recipes: wool from string, green wool and stone bricks
– Added a Peaceful Mode option for survival mode without monsters
– Added wheat, seeds and hoe
– Added moss stone, redstone ore and white wool to creative inventory
– Added trap door
– Red dye can be obtained by cooking red mushroom
– Added several more dyes (combined from primary dyes)
– Zombies now drop feathers


– Made the day longer
– Limited the total number of a given monster type
– When using an item, the player’s movement speed is decreased

Bug fixes:

– Monsters could spawn indoors
– Added fall damage for clients
– Players could knock each other far away
– Incorrect bow rendering in 3rd person view
– Missing particles after critical arrows
– Stairs reverted back to their basic blocks when destroyed
– Charging the bow could destroy certain blocks (flowers, torches), or interact with blocks
– The game crashed if player was killed while having the bow charged
– Connecting players could die in creative mode
– Dark leaves sometimes had workbench texture
– Wrong crafting table size for Xperia Play
– Bow didn’t take damage when used
– Non-dark brown tree trunks are now added back to the game (you may need to start a new world as host)
– Destroying a door could leave half a door
– Missing spider death sound on iOS

As you can see from the rather long changelog, there is a hell of a lot more to this update then originally expected. This could be one of the biggest updates to hit the game so far. Of course we are still far off from a 1.0.0 release but we are getting there. Hopefully in the 0.5.0 we could see redstone functionality fully implemented into the game as well as possibly caves and, at some point down the road, actual multiplayer.

Thanks to Si Mon for the tip!

Website Referenced: Mojang

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