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Red Bull isn’t giving you wings but balls instead in Urban Futbol

Red Bull has a few sponsored games out already on Android, mostly in the realm of motor-sports. However their newest game is a sports game, themed around their actual Red Bull Balcony Shot event and is appropriately named Urban Futbol.

If you suck at soccer (or football depending on where you are from) and manage to hit everything else except the actual goal with your shots, then you might do well with this game. Your goal is to kick balls up onto balconies that have a designated point value to them. You will want to get as many points as you can and you get bonus points for breaking items on the balconies as well.

You will be able to brag about your score to friends on Facebook or Twitter and can earn achievements as you play through the game. Right now Urban Futbol comes with two free locations to play in, with three additional locations and extra challenges available through an in-game purchase, essentially letting you try before you buy the game.

The developers are also promising more game modes and levels to play in future updates. For now though you can take comfort in the fact that not only is Red Bull giving you wings, like their cheesy commercials suggest, but also some balls as well, in case you don’t have any.

Google Play Link: Urban Futbol

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