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Atari and Microsoft team up to bring riveting games like Pong to HTML5 ready browsers

This may seem like a strange title and a strange article overall but because Android devices can easily play HTML5 games, we are reporting on it. Thanks to Atari teaming up with Microsoft, we now have a selection of classic Atari games that we can play through their new games portal on our Android devices.

While the title may seem a bit sarcastic, Pong is but one of the classic games available to play through the portal. There is also Combat, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Centipede and more available to play through their new portal. Since Microsoft is a part of this, obviously they recommend products running Internet Explorer but any HTML5 enabled browser will run these games, including the ones on Android devices.

Hit up the link below to head on over to the Atari Arcade and play some of the classic games you grew up with.

Thanks to Greg S. for the tip!

Official Website: Atari Arcade

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