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Granny Smith Quick Review – Who says grannies don’t skate?

So here’s the back story: A heartless thief has stolen an old grandmother’s beloved green apples off her apple tree, and ol’ granny ain’t gonna sit there crying. Instead, she digs out her skates (probably from 50 years ago), dusts them off and sets off to nab the thief, and get what’s rightfully hers back.

Name: Granny Smith | Developer: Mediocre | Category: Arcade & Action| Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 20 MB | Price: $0.99 |

You jump into the shoes of the granny (or well, in this case skates), and armed with her walking stick (how’s that possible – granny, walking stick, skates – never mind) you race against the thief to grab the three apples in each level before he does.

Never mind skating, this super granny can do full backflips to jump over obstacles too. The granny is set to auto-skate, so all you have to do controls wise is make her jump and use her walking stick to hang on to telephone lines and railings. Yeah, it sound simple, but in the latter stages, you’ll find yourself cursing every time you time a jump wrongly.

The good thing is that you can dive into this game anytime, making it super-casual. Levels take around a minute to complete, and loading times are negligible, so that’s another plus. The game’s visuals look good – vibrant and cartoony – and hand-crafted, just like it says in the game’s description. The physics, be it jumping, hanging on to telephone wires or just crashing into obstacles like brick walls and windows, are not bad either.

There are power ups at your disposal too, namely helmets, baseball balls and banana skins which you can buy using the coins earned in-game. If you’re sick of playing a granny, you can switch to Scruffyy (a dog) or Stanley (a grandpa). Just to be sure, the game does have IAPs. One is to unlock all of the levels, and the other to purchase additional coins. It’s worth noting that these are completely unnecessary, but if for some reason you want them, they’re reasonably priced.


The game is not without its flaws. One is that you can finish a level without any apples and be beaten to the finishing line by the thief, yet you still get to progress to the next level. The other is that even on a Tegra 3 tablet that renders full 3D games without a hitch, Granny Smith lags pretty badly on some levels..

Anyway, Granny Smith is pretty cheap at $0.99 from Google Play. It may not be the most addicting casual game and admittedly I did get a little bored after playing halfway through, but it’s fast-paced and worth that much money at least.

Overall rating: 3/5 stars

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