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World of Midgard MMORPG fires up a Kickstarter campaign for funding

A game that seems to have been in eternal beta status has now gone onto Kickstarter to gain additional funding so that they can finish the game with more features. While the game is currently in a playable beta, there is plenty of work that still needs to be done and the funding is going to bring the team who is working on the game on as full time staff.

Of course like any good Kickstarter campaign, if they surpass their funding goal, they have a bunch of stretch goals that they will do if that happens. All of the stretch goals pertain to bringing more content to the game for the finished retail release. Right now, if you’ve tried the beta, you know how rough the game is but that is the risk of playing in a beta.

For those of you unfamiliar with World of Midgard, this is a full-sized MMORPG that is basically a combination of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars (the original one). There are dungeons as well as raid dungeons, PvP arenas, mounts, gear sets, quests, lot and lots of items and pretty much everything you expect to find in an MMORPG. This one is also cross-platform compatible and is already on Android and iOS but will also come to PC, Mac and OUYA when that is released as well.

Their goal is a modest one, $20,000 which, by the standards regarding games with Kickstarter campaigns and the amount of money they ask for and get, probably shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. One reward is an exclusive Ice Dragon mount in-game as well which is always nice. If you are up for dropping a couple of bucks to their cause, check out the Kickstarter campaign. You can check out the pitch video above. If you want to know where else the money will go, feel free to grill the developers relentlessly.

Website Referenced: World of Midgard Kickstarter

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