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Dead Trigger gets a Wikia page for those needing more detailed information

Usually big popular games get some sort of community page whether they are fan made communities, wiki type pages or even just a forum board where people can go to talk about the game, help other people and look up information in case they get stuck. Well it seems that Dead Trigger has quite the active fan base as their is now a Wikia page for the game.

Wikia is an interesting site where fans of a particular game can go and make a page about that game. These ‘pages’ are actually more like mini wiki sites where people can help contribute information about any particular game, in this case Dead Trigger. There are also other features like a community message board, an updates section and, of course, a huge amount of information whether it be stats on a specific weapon or more detailed maps.

The new, and rather humorous, Dead Trigger trailer

The Dead Trigger Wikia page is brand new but even for something this new there is a lot of information on their that may be of help to anyone who is stuck or for those of you who want to help out fellow Dead Trigger players. If you are interested in checking the new Wikia site out, just hit up the link below. Just a bit of interesting and helpful news for those of you who are planning on putting in some serious Dead Trigger time today since it is a holiday for a lot of people. We haven’t heard about an Android game getting a Wikia page before today.

If you haven’t played Dead Trigger yet but are looking to maybe trying it finally, you can grab a copy off of the Google Play store or through our Google Play synced catalog for free.

Official Website: Dead Trigger Wikia

Source: Madfinger Games Twitter

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