Day: 4 September 2012


The Gameloft Report: Modern Combat 4, Wild Blood, My Little Pony and more coming this year

Gameloft released their financial earning and future plans today and while the numbers they announced are quite impressive, the real news was in the fact that they plan to release 20 games between now and the end of 2012, if all goes according to plan of course. Interestingly enough, in that announcement, Gameloft let the cat out of the bag regarding some unannounced games heading our way. Modern Combat 4 anyone?


ePSXe arrives on Google Play after a long time hiatus, complete with split-screen multiplayer

Back in the days of emulating consoles on your PC, a giant slowly rose from the very bottom to give us a nice and compatible experience in the field of PSX emulation. Almost everyone who used a Playstation had innumerable hours with emulators after that small (or big and squared) piece of hardware got burnt out after so much playing. Now, a well known emulator comes back to life in the form of an Android app, meet ePSXe…again.


Hero Mages gets updated with asynchronous multiplayer and more

Hero Mages from D20 Studios is one of the more detailed and deep turn-based strategy RPG titles to come out for mobile. It has already won a fair amount of awards for the technical aspects of the game and is even getting a physical board game released by Game Salute which is pretty much the first time a mobile game, Android or otherwise, has become an actual board game. There are plenty of mobile games that are existing board games but not the other way around.