Day: 5 September 2012


The Grow Brothers are back with Weed Farmer Overgrown, now in open beta phase

While it may still be an illegal activity almost everywhere around the globe, the wonders of weed growing were unveiled by the Grow Brothers, a dev studio that brought us their Weed Farmer sim game which fits somewhat nicely into our running theme every Wednesday of weird games to post about, appropriately named Weird Wednesday. This time, they’re coming back with the sequel of the green plants harvesting hit. Currently in Open Beta phase, we present you Weed Farmer Overgrown.


Two upcoming Square Enix titles now confirmed to be Japan only releases

Square Enix has announced their game line-up that will be on display during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2012 and two of the games are Android titles, one of which we new about while the other one is a new game we were unaware of. Unfortunately it looks like both games will be released onto Android but location restricted to Japan only, at least for right now when they are initially released.


Call of Mini – Zombies Review: The good and the bad of zombie games

You may not know this about me, but I am a huge fan of dual-stick shooters. Age of Zombies, Monster Shooter, Weapon Chicken. I have literally played them all and probably spent way too much time with them, but there’s just something about the addictive gameplay in dual-stick shooters that I can’t put down. And the fact that I can play some of the greatest dual-stick shooters (In recent years) on my phone/tablet is amazing in itself. Dual stick controls shouldn’t be a  problem on touchscreens, because of the simplistic control-scheme. But that isn’t always the case, so let’s look at what’s up for review today: Call of Mini Zombies!


EA is basically dropping the idea of single-player games, goes for interconnected games instead

Electronic Arts have been speaking a lot over the past few days about their stance in the gaming industry in general, talking about how they are saving any new IPs for when the next-gen consoles are released and that they won’t be making the same mistakes next year as they did this year. Now word has come out that they have completely dropped the notion of single-player games and are now, instead, focusing solely on multiplayer games and interconnection between platforms, something we have seen slowly making its way onto their mobile games lately.