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Monster Shooter receives a big update with a new planet, enemies and more

Gamelion Studios hit dual-stick action game called Monster Shooter has received an update today that brings with it a lot of new content along with plenty of new monsters for you to shoot relentlessly. In fact there is a whole lot new thank to this update and if you haven’t grabbed it yet, you probably should.

So the update which literally just went live on Google Play brings a whole new planet called the Ice Planet and with it a bunch of brand new levels for you to blast your way through. With brand new levels comes brand new enemies such as Hounds, Rayzors, Devil Fish and Devastators.


In order to handle the new enemies, you also have new weapons available to help you out as well as new utilities including new shields and mines. Overall it is a pretty solid update with a lot coming with it so we won’t delay you any further and let you go grab the update now.

Google Play Link: Monster Shooter

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