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EA announces optimized titles for the new Kindle Fire HD line of tablets

Good news for future Kindle Fire HD tablets owners and annoying news for those of you who own a device that EA hasn’t brought game compatibility to yet, they have announced that they have already begun making their games optimized for the new line of tablets from Amazon.

As of right now EA has ten games already optimized for the new Kindle Fire HD tablets with more games already in the works. Some games already optimized and available for the new Kindle Fire tablets include Madden NFL 12, Tetris, The Game of Life and Plants vs Zombies. If you take a look at EA’s list of games over on Amazon’s AppStore, there are 15 games that are denoted as being Kindle Fire editions so we can assume that those will all be optimized for the new Kindle Fire, with ten of them already being ready.

While no one has any of these new tablets, pre-orders are already live for all the variants of the Kindle Fire HD tablets and the Kindle Fire 2 tablet. Kindle Fire HD devices will ship out around November 20th, 2012 while the Kindle Fire 2 is slated for shipping September 14th, 2012.

Developer Website: Electronic Arts

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