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Activision finally putting more focus onto mobile gaming, specifically with the Kindle Fire HD

While a lot of the major labels in the gaming industry have already solidified their place, at least to some extent, in the mobile gaming scene, Activision Blizzard are pretty late to the game in terms of releases. However, with the formation of their new division, Activision Mobile, they are now ready to focus more on mobile gaming and, interestingly enough, when it comes to Android it will be with the Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Speaking in an interview with Venture Beat, Greg Canessa, the vice president of mobile at Activision, sat down to talk about their mobile strategy in general as well as where their focus will be in terms of platforms. While Android will be among the platforms they will be releasing more games on, Greg specifically cites Amazon and their Kindle Fire HD tablets being the main focus for their Android releases. Why? Mainly because of the curated experience that Amazon provides with it’s AppStore instead of the more open nature that the Google Play store provides.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol and COD: Black Ops Zombies

Does this mean that their future games will be Kindle Fire HD only titles? No, considering we already have Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and the Activision Anthology available for a wide variety of Android devices. However, their new release of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol looks to be strictly an Amazon AppStore title and by the sound of things, so will some of their future titles be as well. In regards to platform priority though, iOS will still be their main priority with Android running a close second but with Amazon.

Another reason for the high interest in Amazon’s tablets and AppStore is due to the fact that you can buy toys via in-game purchases, something that we first saw with the release of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol which allows players to buy Skylander related product right through the game itself using Amazon’s one-click checkout.

So, in the spirit of opinions, we are interested in finding out what our readers think about Activision’s new found mobile gaming focus and, more specifically, with their interest in Android being more focused to Amazon than Google Play, especially since Amazon’s AppStore is still only available for a few different countries right now. Leave a comment below and let us know.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat

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