Day: 19 September 2012


Weird Wednesday: Rolling Head lets you play as a Zombie Head

It’s time for another addition to our Weird Wednesday column, where we look up on some rather strange new games to test out. Today we’ve hit on a new game by Maqna Interactive, a Brazilian development studio for both iOS and Android. Coming back from their first release (a 3D space shooter, also free on the market), they’re bringing the Zombie hammer down with a game called Rolling Head.


Machineworks and 3D Realms want to bring two Duke Nukem Mobile games to Android

Machineworks Northwest are already responsible for bringing the Duke Nukem 3D game to Android and now they are teaming up with 3D Realms in the hopes that they can get enough funds through a new Kickstarter campaign in order to bring the first two Duke Nukem mobile games to iOS and hopefully Android. These two games were originally released as mobile games back before the smartphone era came about.


The Bard’s Tale adventure RPG slated to arrive for Tegra-based Android devices soon

A new game has popped up on Tegra Zone a few days ago called The Bard’s Tale which is a new game ‘inspired’ by the classic adventure RPG series from the golden days of the Apple II computers in 1985. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, this particular series of games set itself apart from other ones in its genre due to the rather large amounts of humor that was included into the game.


Playstation Mobile to launch worldwide on Android this October 3rd

One of the more recent and big announcements coming from the Sony camp is the re-branding of the Playstation store and suite which is now called Playstation Mobile as one whole entity. For those of you who already have access to it, which I believe is in select locations in Europe although I could be wrong, the rest of the world will finally be joining you on October 3rd, 2012. This is when Sony will be rolling out the worldwide launch of Playstation Mobile for Playstation Certified Android devices and the PS Vita.