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Machineworks and 3D Realms want to bring two Duke Nukem Mobile games to Android

Machineworks Northwest are already responsible for bringing the Duke Nukem 3D game to Android and now they are teaming up with 3D Realms in the hopes that they can get enough funds through a new Kickstarter campaign in order to bring the first two Duke Nukem mobile games to iOS and hopefully Android. These two games were originally released as mobile games back before the smartphone era came about.

The games, called Duke Nukem Mobile and Duke Nukem Bikini Project, were created by these two companies teaming up back in the day. Now they are teaming up again but only this time to bring these two games to smartphones instead of the old school cell phones.

Both games were side-scrolling action games, each with their own original stories and, of course, a generous dose of Duke’s usually funny one-liners. Team up Duke’s sense of humor with alien killing goodness with a nice variety of weapons and you get plenty of good times to be had by all.

Mock-up of what the improved graphics could look like

So what is the Kickstarter campaign for? Well it is to raise funds to bring both games to iOS and possibly Android, with both games being bundled under the name Double Duke Deal when it hits the market and will be free with in-game purchases of currency. While the goal, which is set at $45K, is to bring the games in their original form to both platforms, if they surpass their goal then the graphics will also be improved upon. They will, however, retain a retro feel to them even after getting improved.

As it stands right now, the plan is to bring the games initially to iOS but if they raise more than their goal of $45K then Android will get the bundle as well. If they raise a lot more than $45K, that is when the graphics will get overhauled into HD visuals designed for smartphones and tablets. If you want to drop a couple of bucks to help with this funding campaign, just hit up their official Kickstarter page.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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