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Star Legends MMORPG gets a new content expansion called the Scorn Crusade

Spacetime Studios space themed MMORPG called Star Legends has received a new content update that brings with it a few new features and, of course, some new content as well. For those of you who play the game on a regular basis, you’ll be happy to know that the level cap has been raised to 46.

Here is a little bit of the background story for this content update:

“The UCS Savant, after being adrift in space due to the damage sustained by the Scorn assault, finally arrives at the Blackstar to dock for repairs. Concerns of the threat the Scorn pose are fully realized, as a series of attacks by the Scorn against the UCS and its territories has devastating consequences.”

The overall level cap has been raised to 45 but elite players can now get up to level 46 in game. There is also a whole new achievement system in place, giving you an extra challenge of trying to unlock all of them. Content-wise, there is a new scorn campaign which includes 3 new missions, all new items, and new boss encounters. If you are ready to jump into this new expansion, just log in and get started.

Website Referenced: Star Legends Forums

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