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Tin Man Games goes a little crazy, puts all their Gamebooks on sale for 50% off

Tin Man Games are the developers behind probably the best series of gamebooks available for mobile devices, regardless if you are on Android or iOS. They feature completely physics-driven dice rolling, character sheets with stats, original stories and many more features that set them apart for most other gamebooks out there.

Well for some crazy reason Tin Man Games have decided to drop the price on not just one, or two, of their gamebooks, but all of them. Every one of their Gamebook Adventure titles are now on sale on Google Play for 50% off. Regularly priced at $4.99 each, all of their gamebooks are now available for a limited time for $2.99.

GA #5: Catacombs of the Undercity

For those of you unfamiliar with gamebooks, a little trip to the past might help explain what they are. Basically these are RPGs in a book format that you used to be able to read/play. After reading a bit of the story, you would be presented with a couple of choices. Depending on the choice you make, you would flip to another page and continue on your adventure, or die. Tin Man Games has taken this style of gaming, brought it to mobile, and layered physics and rather great visuals onto of the core gameplay mechanics of the actual books. All of the stories they release are also original and not just a port of existing books.

For those of you who have snatched up one or two of these Gamebooks already, you can now complete your collection for half the price. If you haven’t tried one of these Gamebooks out yet, now is definitely a good time to start. Fair warning though, these are highly addictive.

Google Play Link: Tin Man Games Gamebook Adventures

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