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Rhythm-based Shoot em’ up called Rhythm Destruction up on Kickstarter

Rhythm Destruction is a rather unique game as it blends two gaming genres that you might think as a bit difficult to combine, the rhythm-based gaming genres and shoot ’em ups (or Shmups for short). Well this game, which is looking for a little more funding on Kickstarter, seems to have figured a way to blend the two genres together.

This game by default is actually not slated for release on mobile at all but PC. However, if the developers reach their stretch goal of a mere $5,000 (mere being relative in terms of what normal kickstarter campaigns are looking for), they will bring this game to mobile devices in early 2013.

Rhythm Destruction Features:

– 10 beautiful and diverse stages
– Pumping soundtrack provided by ‘Oscillator X’ and many others
– Leaderboard support for all game modes
– Take on your friends, rivals or complete strangers as you rise to the top in our exciting Challenge Mode
– Receive live updates on high scores, community news and more with the ‘RD Feed’
– Over 80 achievements to unlock
– Show off your accomplishments by personalizing your player profile
– Continued developer support with regular DLC updates, both free and paid
– Xbox 360 Controller Support

Obviously some of the above features will be slightly modified for the mobile version but this should give you a rough idea of what will be arriving with the game should it reach their $5,000 stretch goal within the next 11 days. So if you are up for dropping a couple of bucks on a rather unique looking game, you can hit up their Kickstarter page through the link below. You can also check out their pitch video above as well.

Thanks to Trevor H. for the tip!

Website Referenced: Rhythm Destruction Kickstarter

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