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Texas Instruments to back out of the mobile devices market

Interesting news today coming from Texas Instruments as they have announced that they will be officially backing out of the mobile devices industry to focus on a more broader range of products such as automobiles and other technology that uses embedded chip systems. This is due to the fact that right now, for Texas Instruments, the mobile industry isn’t as stable and profitable as they had hoped it would be.

This is mostly due to the fact that right now the market for chips in mobile devices, specifically Android, is dominated by Qualcomm and nVidia which continues to grow. This also means that their OMAP 4 chipset won’t be making an appearance in future devices which include the likes of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD line of tablets. The new devices such as the Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD line will still get support from Texas Instruments but future devices will not see OMAP chips.

Now nVidia and Qualcomm will have more of the chip market to gobble up once this transition is complete. So, we pose the question to you, our readers. Is this good news or bad news for you? Or does it not matter at all?

Website Referenced: AndroidCommunity

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