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Quick Hits: Velocispider Review – Retro gaming goodness and chiptunes

If you like chiptunes, Velociraptors-turned-spider-cyborgs and scrolling, then this game is for you! Velocispider is game a developed by Retro Dreamer studios, released for iOS and ported to Android by Noodlecake studios.

Name: Velocipider | Developer: Noodlecake Studios | Category: Arcade | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 8.5 MB | Price: Free / $0.99 |

In Velocispider you play a part Velociraptor, part spider. Commonly known as an ‘Araknasaur’. The gameplay is a similar to that of Space Invaders, in which you scroll from left-to-right, shooting down a variety of aliens that are eying your precious, delicious and endangered eggs. The game is controlled by the accelerometer -which are usually somewhat of a turn-off for me – but they work extremely well in this game. The controls are tight, responsive and generally well tuned.

Velocispider’s graphics are in a sort of, hyper 16-bit style. The graphics are top-notch in this game, and I really enjoyed the art style – which were done by Craig Sharpe. The graphics are sharp and the game runs really well on a high-end tablet and an aging smartphone – definitely good news to some of you out there and programmed by Gavin Bowman. Like the visuals, the music is also done in a hyper 16-bit style (If real SNES music sounded like this I would be impressed!), which I am a fan of. Also, The music was made by Whitaker Blackall.

Velocispider is a really fun game, available in both paid and free versions, but I suggest that you shell out the $0.99 price for this game, because it deserves it.

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