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Thursday Morning WTF: Eric Schmidt dances Gangnam Style while in South Korea

Technically this could be classified as one of our humor posts but due to it being still early in the morning, at least here it is anyways, it’s a bit more scary than anything. Regardless of what this could be classified as, we have made our opinion known a few times on Twitter or on Google+ about what we think of Gangnam Style, the new dance that has essentially become the newest fad. Sort of like ‘Planking’ was not too long ago.

Even though people have been doing ridiculous dances like this for years, South Korean rapper PSY has apparently created a new version of this dance which has become ridiculously popular. So popular in fact that we now get to see Eric Schmidt, who was visiting South Korea, breaking out in dance, Gangnam Style dancing to be more specific. Without further delay on our part, here is Eric Schmidt doing his rendition of Gangnam Style, in the video above, which you can enjoy while trying to not spill your morning coffee.

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