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Marvel announces a new game called Marvel: War of Heroes, coming this October

Another Marvel Universe based game is on the horizon and this time it will be coming in the form of a TCG called Marvel: War of Heroes. As of right now there isn’t a whole lot of information regarding this upcoming Marvel title but we do know a few key points about it. First, we know that this TCG will be coming integrated with DeNA’s social gaming platform (Mobage) which means this will also be a free-to-play title.

Straying not too far from the Avengers Initiative type of storyline, which it would be nice if that game would get released already, Marvel: War of Heroes will have players stepping into the role of being a S.H.E.I.L.D agent who will be teaming up with various heroes from the Marvel Universe to battle it out with the forces of evil. This game will feature all of the well known heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe and it will come with an original narrative and art from a variety of artists from Marvel.

Marvel: War of Heroes will come with a lot of the features found in most of the popular TCGs out there such as leveling up each hero to make them stronger and fusing their abilities together to make stronger ones. Right now this game is slated for release October 11th, 2012 on both iOS and Android and anyone who heads over to the official website and pre-registers for the game will receive a limited special-edition card in game when it launches of the Black Widow.

Official Website: Marvel: War of Heroes

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