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Gameloft begins teasing Zombiewood with a trailer, coming this Halloween

One of the games we mentioned when reporting on Gameloft’s Fall line-up for Android not too long ago is called Zombiewood. We didn’t have a whole lot of details about this game at that time but it looks like Zombiewood could be nearing release as Gameloft has started promoting the game with a new trailer.

Thanks to the trailer, we now know a fair bit more about this game. Basically Zombiewood is an isometric 3D action game where you will walk around Hollywood mowing down zombies, lots and lots of zombies. To do this you will have a variety of weaponry at your disposal ranging from smaller guns to something a little more powerful, like rocket launchers, and everything in between. This is a pure action game so all you will need to do is work those two virtual joysticks that will be on your screen and proceed in the slaughtering of thousands of innocent zombies.

Zombiewood Features:

– Unlock and Upgrade wicked and wild weapons – from flame throwers to rocket launchers
– Mix and match with comical, outlandish and scary outfits – including Frankenstein, American Footballer and SWAT team guy
– Cause destruction in LA and Santa Monica by shredding through wave after wave of crazy zombies
– Star in a range of entertaining movies while playing through unique game modes including survival, escort, barricade and marathon

Visually the game features a sort of cartoon like feel to them, similar to what you would find in Team Fortress 2. You can already see in the video above, when your character is sifting through weapons to use, that there are two currencies involved in this game. Considering the type of game this is, there is a good chance this will arrive on Google Play as a free game with in-game purchases versus a paid game with IAPs in it. Either way, we will find out on Halloween when Zombiewood is released.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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