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Gaming Tools: Gameshelf, Present Your ROM’s in Style

Everyone loves old school gaming, and thanks in part to the magic of emulation, you can literally carry hundreds of retro games from consoles past right in your pocket. Unfortunately these emulators don’t have much flair in the design department and loading a ROM boils down to a folder browsing experience. Functional but not pretty to look at.Thankfully, developers Jack Patrick and Shouvik Dutta created Gameshelf, an app that catalogs your ROM collections into an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Gameshelf essentially catalogs your ROM into tabbed categories based on console. Choosing a system leads you the list of games which are presented with a stylish cover art (or original box art) and a brief summary for each. The app automatically tags your games with the meta data pulled from, a gaming archive site that catalogs all past and present console games. In the event that it fails, you can manually search for the correct one.This Holo inspired app is specially great to introduce younger gamers to the wide world of 8/16/32/64 bit gaming that they might have missed.

Gameshelf has been tested on the popular Yonghz based emulators (N64oid, Gameboid etc.) so if you use an alternative emulator, your mileage may vary.Though priced at the amount of FREE, there’s no way you should pass this up.

Google Play Link: GameShelf

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