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Helidroid 3D goes free, starts building up the hype for its sequel

Today is a day of joy for fans of RC Heli simulators who love feeling in control of those small yet incredibly addictive helicopters. G-XO GAME (a one man company with lots of potential) has released a completely free version of its acclaimed Helidroid 3D, that comes with a full package of 30 missions that not only increases in difficulty but also make the game funnier and more creative every time.

Helidroid 3D: Full Edition starts when you get a nice RC Heli on¬†Christmas, and just like anyone getting such a gift from Santa, it’s your duty to fully test and master it before stashing it somewhere for the rest of your life. In this part of the game though, you’re required to play inside your room, so every mission you complete grants a bit of extra creativity in the next one. Safely landing your toy, shooting down soda cans, going through wood rings without crashing that beloved new¬†acquisition of yours; all of that and more are things that you will have to do.

Your room and everything inside it comes in 3D visuals and is packaged with a catchy soundtrack. There’s lots of extra details like shadows and dynamic camera effects to enhance credibility. Finally, you can also use your Zeemote and even an accelerometer in case your device lacks a decent gyro sensor.

Helidroid 3D: Full Edition comes available for free on Google Play, with a single In-App Purchase to get you rid of ads and support the developer. So go ahead and become a master pilot by getting three stars in all 30 missions. You can also catch up with G-xo through his Facebook page if you want to be ready for Helidroid 2.

Google Play Link: Helidroid 3D

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