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Two new Tegra-based games have arrives, Sumioni and Razor Salvation

Late last night two new games arrived for Tegra based devices in the form of Razor Salvation THD, which we talked about two days ago, and Sumioni Demon Arts THD, a port of the rather popular PS Vita game. The first game, Razor Salvation THD, is available for both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices while the second game, Sumioni Demon Arts THD, is available for Tegra 3 devices only.

Razor Salvation THD

To quickly recap what Razor Salvation THD is from our previous article, you’ll be playing as the commander of the “Salvation” dropship and you’re tasked with rescuing Earth and helping with the defense effort. The game comes with a dynamic cover-based AI where enemies duck in and out of cover, and it’ll feature classic FPS weapons such as grenade launchers, rocket launchers and railguns.

For the most part, this is your standard FPS type of game set in a futuristic universe. The cool thing about Razor Salvation THD is that this is the first installment in the series, meaning we will be getting more from Blowfish Studios soon. For those of you up for a little FPS action this weekend, you can download Razor Salvation THD off of the Google Play store or Tegra Zone for $2.03.

Google Play Link: Razor Salvation THD

Sumioni Demon Arts THD

The second game released late last night is a port of the PS Vita game Sumioni Demon Arts, which we talked about briefly as heading our way in a previous article where we outlined the upcoming list of games for Tegra devices. Right now Sumioni is exclusive to Tegra 3 devices but as with most exclusives of this nature, it could very well become available for other devices soon. While the description on the market leaves a bit to be desired, essentially you will be playing as a demon who is to rid the world of evil using ink.

The entire game is done in the sumi-e art style which, if you’re not familiar with it, is pretty amazing and beautiful. It’s a very tradition style of art and lends itself well to the theme of the game. While the game plays out as a platformer, you will also be using the touchscreen to paint on platforms for your character to use to avoid dangers. You can also use the touchscreen to summon inkgods who will arrive to help you by unleashing massive attacks on your enemies.

For those of you looking for something totally different to play this weekend, you’ll want to check out Sumion Demon Arts THD. You can grab it off of Tegra Zone and Google Play for $12.83.

Google Play Link: Sumioni Demon Arts THD

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