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Chaos Rings soon to be available for rooted Android users to play

It appears, as what usually happens in this instance, that Square Enix has seen the error of their ways when they decided to restrict rooted Android users from being able to download and play Chaos Rings. The tidbit of information came after the release of the game so rooted users were left wondering what was going on. Square Enix eventually added the ‘will not work on rooted devices’ line to their market listing on Google Play.

On a blog post over on the European Square Enix website, it has been confirmed in the comments that Square Enix will soon be releasing an update that will patch Chaos Rings, allowing rooted users to download and play the rather cool 3D RPG from them. For those of you unfamiliar with Chaos Rings, in this game you’ll select one of four couples to play as. From there you will battle it out against other pairs in the Ark Arena. Each couple has their own truth behind what the Ark Arena is and why they are there.

So, for those of you who run rooted Android devices and we upset that you couldn’t get Chaos Rings, you will soon be able to. No word on exactly when this update/patch will arrive but considering how quickly Square Enix is addressing this, it probably won’t be that long of a wait.

Thanks to Chaospower for the tip!

Website Referenced: Square Enix

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