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Gameloft teases Modern Combat 4 with Developer Diaries; Let’s You Play As Villains

It’s not often that mobile games garner the same development process as their console counter parts, but thanks to the popularity of the platform we’re seeing the same practices applied to smartphone games. Such is the case with Gameloft highly anticipated Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Released this morning, Gameloft gives us a look into crafting the latest game in the their first part of Developer diaries.

Gameloft has spared no punches for Zero Hour. Not content with just a graphical update, the French based company has gone back to the drawing board with the new animations based on motion captures and a technology called CRAFT, which translate to realistic vehicle movements. Gameloft has also employed Rag Doll physics and the Havok Engine (used in popular tittles such as Assassins Creed and Skyrim). What does this means? Well as the team describes:

“…brings a lot more randomness to the gameplay experience. So each time you play, the experience will be different”

The video also hints at a simple cover based system so combat should be much more manageable for touch controls. In order to capture the hectic feel of combat, the development team has chosen expansive levels with firefights seemingly happening at every corner. Combat planes, rockets explosions and skirmishes litter the battlefield giving you the feel of, ahem, a modern warfare.

As for the story, not much has been revealed though Gameloft promises a multi-dimensional perspective. No longer will you look behind the sights of a U.S. Soldier but that of Edward Page as well – the games main antagonist.

Expect Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to be released this Fall. Until then, check out the Developer Diary video above.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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