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3D dual-stick shooter Fantashooting challenges you to live as long as you can

A new development studio has arrived on Android going by the rather unique name Sky Carpenter Digital Entertainment and their first release onto Google Play is a rather great looking dual-stick shooter called Fantashooting. The name comes from combining Fantasy and Shooting and has no affiliation with the soda that used to have weird commercials on TV.

In Fantashooting, you will be one of the apprentices at Fantasy Hero Institute who is about to take his final test of Mori. Surrounding the Institute of Mori are a wide range of enemies that will continuously come at you and to pass this test, you must survive as long as possible. Luckily you are packing some serious weaponry and the ability to upgrade weapons on the fly.

Fantashooting Features:

– 3D daul stick shooter game.
– A light-hearted action game – bang ~ bang ~ bang, spray ~ spray ~ spray.
– A wealth of weapons – enjoy the wacky weapons that fall serendipitously from the sky and entertain you on your journey!
– Interactive environment – Seemingly harmless objects will cause unexpected interference or damage.
– Severe Weather – Abrupt changes in weather conditions bring new challenges to each level.
– Powerful Runes – Carry up to three runes to summon magical creatures who can quickly defuse critical situations.
– Inexplicable Monster Madness – Keep a close eye on monsters as some will suddenly inflict damage, spray you with gold coins, or simply go crazy!

Not only do you have to worry about the enemies coming at you, but also what is surrounding you in your immediate environment since objects can also hurt you or cause some difficulties. However, while you are mowing down enemies, you can collect magic stone which you can then use to summon you favorite guardians to help you out, including the dreaded massive baby cow creature with a giant bottle of milk.

If you are up for some solid dual-stick shooting action with some pretty solid graphics, you can head over to the Google Play store and pick up Fantashooting up for free. Seriously, get the baby cow guardian, you can’t go wrong with it. One important thing to note, Fantashooting is for Android phones only right now. Tablet support may be arriving soon though.

Google Play Link: Fantashooting

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