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Square Enix’s Chaos Rings will now accept that rooted device of yours

Well it looks like we can finally wrap up another chapter in the world of developers restricting rooted devices from their games, and then turning around and reversing it due to the sheer amount of people wanting to punch someone at the company in the throat for suggesting that they should do that. Last week we reported on the fact that Square Enix had confirmed a patch would be rolling out in an update that would finally allow rooted Android users to download and play Chaos Rings.

As of Oct. 16th, 2012, the game was updated and the patch was rolled out. So for all you rooted Android users wanting to get this game, you now can. That is, of course, if you aren’t still angry at Square Enix for doing that in the first place. Don’t forget to free up the 1GB of space you’ll need before grabbing it though.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Google Play Link: Chaos Rings

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