Day: 19 October 2012


Looking for another TCG to play? How about one with Samurai Cats?

A rather big company named Marvel released a TCG title yesterday called Marvel War of Heroes, but if that isn’t your type of thing then perhaps cats are instead. They are not normal cats though, they are Samurai Cats. Released onto the Mobage social gaming platform, Samurai Cats is as it sounds, a TCG title filled with cats wielding swords and attacking enemies, in TCG gaming format of course. However, you can for groups and formations with your cards, almost like a strategy board game.


[Updated] Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment disappears from Google Play

It is no secret that Trendy Entertainment have been really focused for awhile now on Dungeon Defenders for Steam and consoles, with the mobile versions getting very minimal updates and very little content updates. Well we are not exactly sure when this happened, although we do know it happened fairly recently, but Dungeon Defenders has disappeared off of the Google Play store. This goes for both of the Dungeon Defenders games.


Garfield gets a new game for Android, this time in Hawaii

Garfield and his friends already have two games out on Android, the defense style games called Garfield’s Defense and the time management game Garfield’ Diner. Now Web Prancer has released a third title onto Google Play called Garfield’s Diner Hawaii and, as you may be guessing, is similar to the original Garfield’s Diner but this time the action takes place in Hawaii.


Funky Smugglers from 11 Bit Studos has arrived, offers up free cavity searches

11 Bit Studios are known for their rather popular defense game called Anomaly: Warzone Earth but now they soon be known for cavity searches and other not so nice events as their latest release, Funky Smugglers, has finally arrived onto the Google Play store. We’ve reported on this game coming in the past but we didn’t have a whole lot of information about exactly what this game would entail, but now we know a lot more, possibly a little too much.