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[Updated] Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment disappears from Google Play

It is no secret that Trendy Entertainment have been really focused for awhile now on Dungeon Defenders for Steam and consoles, with the mobile versions getting very minimal updates and very little content updates. Well we are not exactly sure when this happened, although we do know it happened fairly recently, but Dungeon Defenders has disappeared off of the Google Play store. This goes for both of the Dungeon Defenders games.

This could means a few things. For starters, it could mean that Trendy Entertainment has pulled the game from Google Play and have decided to drop supporting it. While this does seem a little feasible, it really wouldn’t make sense since both games run generally well and people still play them regularly. It could mean that Trendy Entertainment may actually be updating the games, possibly with new content or combining the two of them into one title. Hell it could be just Google Play messing up although a few of us in different countries can’t see it on Google Play at all.

Whatever it does mean, it is unfortunate to see it not available on Google Play as newcomers to Android are missing out on a great game. We will be contacting our friends over at Trendy Entertainment to find out what is going on with Dungeon Defenders for Android.

Update Oct. 19th, 2012 1:05pm: It looks like it is a Google Play search issue. Even though searching for the game turns up nothing, at least for us, if you use the direct link to the game you can still access it. Thanks to WhoaManWtF in the comments below for the heads up!

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

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