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Garfield gets a new game for Android, this time in Hawaii

Garfield and his friends already have two games out on Android, the defense style games called Garfield’s Defense and the time management game Garfield’ Diner. Now Web Prancer has released a third title onto Google Play called Garfield’s Diner Hawaii and, as you may be guessing, is similar to the original Garfield’s Diner but this time the action takes place in Hawaii.

In Garfield’s Diner Hawaii, you will be in control of Garfield and some of his friends as they run a new diner out in Hawaii. You will have to manage each staff member efficiently in order to run your new diner at its full potential. Preparing meals, serve customers and collect payment as efficiently as possible in order to bring in the most money.

Garfield’s Diner Hawaii Features:

– Frantic, exciting, arcade-style time management gameplay that’s easy to pick up but hard to put down
– Hire popular characters from the Garfield comic strip
– Upgrade equipment to provide better, faster service
– VIPs will visit at random to provide an extra challenge for greater rewards
– Collect special character cards featuring Garfield and his friends

With the cash you earn, you will be able to upgrade your equipment which will increase your performance. If you happened to enjoy the first Garfield’s Diner game then you’ll want to grab this new one off of the Google Play store. It won’t cost you a cent to do so either since it is free.

Google Play Link: Garfield’s Diner Hawaii

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