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Pocket Legends MMORPG gets a new content update with Blacksmoke Mountain

Spacetime Studios’ rather popular MMORPG for Android and iOS has gotten a new content update that has gone live. This update brings a whole new adventure area along with it as well as some other new goodies for players to enjoy. So what can you expect to find in this update? Well for starters the level cap has been raised to 76.

Like almost every content update that arrives, the new level cap for players is 76 so let the leveling race begin. So where will you do this new race to 76? Blacksmoke Mountain is the new adventure area for players who are level 70-76. Spacetime Studios is also holding a bit of a competition where players who make level 76 by Monday will receive a unique off-hand and the new title of Elite Cut-Throat. Characters with multiple Elite Level Cap Vanity Items, you will need to equip them and then see the Fallen Prince.

Lastly, speaking of vanity items, new ones are now available in the store. So if you haven’t received the content update, go get it, log in and get leveling.

Google Play Link: Pocket Legends

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