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DroidGamers: Games we’ve been playing this week 10/14- 10/20

Like a middle child, mobile games are constantly vying for our attention. Every week a new crop of games prop themselves on our desk and demands to be played. So we humbly present “Game’s We’re Playing This Week”, a weekly reflection on outstanding games that deserves longer than your average bathroom romp. Every week members of our staff will sift through the best Android games, new or old, basically any games they’ve been playing relentlessly throughout the week.

This week, we tackle different genres of Android Gaming. From platforming to RPG, the writers here at DroidGamers have an expansive taste in mobile gaming. Here are some of the titles we’ve been playing over the last seven days.

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Rayman Jungle Run by Ubisoft

Google Play Link: Rayman Jungle Run

With a batch of weekly releases, the free running genre is slowly running itself into stagnation (pun intended). Thanks in part to the oh so very familiar tap to jump gameplay its become a safe haven for lazy developers. While Ubisoft’s Rayman Jungle Run doesn’t deviate far from the tried and true formula, the game is packaged with colorful visuals, varying levels and a slew of different ways to reach point A to point B. It also helps that the French developers let’s you play as their popular limbless mascot – Rayman. Rayman Jungle Run doesn’t breath fresh air into the running genre, but gives it a much needed second wind.

Rayman Jungle Run

Quantro by Peace Ray

Google Play Link: Quantro

Threat of nuclear warfare aside, the former Soviet Union did the world a favor by giving birth to one of the timeless video game classic- Tetris. While this game has been re imagined in countless of ways, never have I played it like Peace Ray’s Quantro. Quantro, by its roots, is a typical Tetris game; clear a single line of blocks from different sided objects, rinse wash and repeat. However Quantro ups the ante by introducing a multi-dimensional layer. You’re given a set of the two different colored blocks representing one of two different planes. It sounds complicated but its actually quite simple and very clever, its like playing playing two games at once. Quantro also boast a multiplayer component along with the already addictive gameplay. Simply put, Quantro is a modernization of Tetris for the 21st century.


Battleheart by Mika Mobile

Google Play Link: Battleheart

Turn based RPG and mobile gaming go hand in hand. Not only does it translate perfectly well to touch controls, but there’s enough to satisfy the casual to hardcore old school gamers. Battleheart by Mika Mobile breaks RPG norms thanks in part to an active battle system that’s actually, you know, active (sorry Final Fantasy fans). Instead of a menu littered combat mechanic, Battleheart lets you actively choose your targets on the fly. Its interactive and tons of fun. Of course the staple RPG elements are present: job classes, level grinding and an expansive campaign. One unfortunate set back: Mika Mobile has pulled support for the Android.


Modern Combat 3:Fallen Nation by Gameloft

Google Play Link: Modern Combat 3

In anticipation for Gameloft’s fourth modern warfare shooter (heh), I’ve decided to replay all 1.3 GB of Fallen Nation, and it’s made the wait even harder. While MC3 is nowhere near the standards of today’s console shooter, it’s a great translation for mobile devices. But need I say it? Its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in your pocket. Even if you swear against all things shooter, MC3 deserves you at least a try. As for trigger happy gamers like myself, its a welcome change of pace from flicking perfectly edible birds at perfectly edible bacon. (obligatory review link here)

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Earth and Legend by DVide Arts Incorporated

Google Play Link: Earth & Legends

Want to get heavily invested in an RPG that doesn’t look like a Sartuday morning cartoon? How about an RPG where you don’t have to feel so “forever alone”? Earth and Legends may be already familiar to many (as it’s been around for a number of years) but this stellar RPG have yet to receive the spotlight it deserves. Touting a sprawling 3D environments and co-op to boot, its a far cry from the JRPG that’s released each week. While it’s certainly no Skyrim it’s as ambitious. Featuring pets, an economic system and a plethora of side-quest you’ll log in hours usually reserved for consoles.

Earth And Legend

Shadowgun: Deadzone by Madfinger Games

Google Play Link: Shadowgun: Deadzone

The folks at Madfinger Games have been slow roasting us by releasing tidbits what arguably is the most sought after mobile multiplayer game- Shadowgun:Deadzone. While we’ve yet to officially write our very own first impressions, its safe to say one thing: It’s Shadowgun, online. If your like us, this concept enough is exciting and thankfully, a public beta has landed on our laps. Sure a few more rounds of polish is needed but the gauging from everyon’s reaction to the game has some major potential.


Machinarium by Madfinger Games

Google Play Link: Machinamarium

Point and click adventure games are receiving a new wave of artistic renaissance with Machinamarium at its center. If its hand-drawn aesthetic design doesn’t pull at your childhood strings its engrossing world should. This PC classic is perfectly tailored for touch input, making this a must have for tablet owners. Though more praises should be showered at this game, I much prefer you pick it up for yourself and enjoy the world that is Machinamarium.


So tell us, what games have you been playing the past week on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below.

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