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Sega will indeed be bringing Football Manager Handheld 2013 to Android

Back in April of this year, Sega had released the first installment of their popular Football Manager series onto Android called Football Manager Handheld 2012. Sporting a price tag of $9.99, Sports Interactive Studio saw a rather high rate of piracy once it was released onto the Google Play store. This in turn made the future of other Football Manager releases onto Android a bit unknown.

However, it looks like Sports Interactive Studio made the sales numbers they were hoping to make and have decided to go ahead and announce that Football Manager Handheld 2013 would arrive on Google Play after all. According to Sports Interactive Studio director, Miles Jacobson, they will continue to play it year by year in terms of future Football Manager releases onto Android. So even though we will be getting the 2013 addition to the series, anything after that could very well not happen at all, or maybe it will. Unfortunately we won’t know until both companies come out and announce how the next release performs and if sales numbers are met.

So for you football fans out there who are also keen on getting more Football Manager Handheld releases onto Android, keep supporting each release and hopefully Sports Interactive Studios will keep releasing them.

Website Referenced: Land of Droid

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