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The MOGA mobile gaming system hitting store shelves today

One of a few upcoming game controllers a lot of people have been looking forward to getting is the MOGA mobile gaming system. Well the good news today for those of you waiting is that the waiting is actually over. The MOGA will be hitting the shelves at Toys R’ Us and Best Buy starting today as well as Fred Meyer and Gamestop. For those of you more apt to shopping online, you can also pick the MOGA up off of Amazon and PowerA’s website.

The only thing you are required to have, which just about everyone should have already, is Android 2.3+ as their Android version. Other than that, you just need the MOGA Pivot application which is an application that sorts out and features MOGA compatible games. There are already plenty of big named titles available from a variety of developers including SEGA, Gameloft, Namco Bandai, Vector Unit, Atari and so on.

This little gadget comes with all the game controls you would want: dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, four action buttons and standardized start and select buttons. You can just clip your phone in and once it syncs up with the controller, you are free to play games using the MOGA controller. For those of you who didn’t pre-order one yet, you can now just go ahead and purchase a unit through the links below or head over to Toys R’ Us, Gamestop or Target. The MOGA will set you back a mere $49.99.

Stay tuned as we have an in-depth review of the MOGA coming later today. Definitely check out the new trailer for the MOGA below as well.

Purchase Links: BestBuy.com | Walmart.com | Toysrus.com | PowerA.com | Amazon.com

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