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Trendy Entertainment confirms Dungeon Defenders has been removed from Google Play

Last week we reported on the rather awesome defense game Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment had disappeared from the Google Play store. While we decided to take some guesses as to why it had gone poof, in the comments of that article some people were able to access Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave through a direct link instead of through a Google Play search. This led us to believe that perhaps the error was based on something going wrong with Google Play’s search.

However, this morning Trendy Entertainment has confirmed via Twitter that both Dungeon Defenders games are no longer on the market. For those of you who can still access the game(s) through a direct link, this is most likely due to it being cached in one form or another. Apparently the game was pulled back in July 2012 even though I remember seeing it on the Google Play store since then. It must have been cached or something for myself.

So why have both games been pulled? We honestly don’t know and our guesses from our previous article still stand now that we know it has been officially taken off the market. We’ve contacted our friends over at Trendy Entertainment to see if we can’t find out why both games are gone from the Google Play store. In the meantime, there is a forum thread over on the Dungeon Defenders’ website where people are posting their ‘thoughts’ on the issue.

Official Website: Dungeon Defenders

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