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Madfinger Games begins teasing a Halloween themed update for Dead Trigger

The closer we get to Halloween, the more games will be updating their content with Halloween themed stuff. This holds true for Madfinger Games who have begin teasing an Halloween themed update that should be arriving soon for their zombie filled FPS game Dead Trigger. So what will be coming in this new update?

Well, we don’t actually know as Madfinger Games is keeping pretty hush hush about what will arrive when the update is pushed out. However, in the teaser graphics they put out, we do get to see a zombies with a pumpkin for a head and a background that looks like a more gothic graveyard. Other than that, we know no other details about this upcoming update but when Madfinger Games decides to spill the beans on what will be coming with the Halloween update, we will be sure to update everyone. Same goes for when we find out when the update will actually arrive.

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