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Angry Birds Seasons gets its annual Halloween update, complete with new Ghost Blocks

Rovio has released their annual Halloween update, officially called Haunted Hogs, for their Angry Birds Seasons game and this time you won’t be smashing pumpkins and pigs outside. Instead the pigs have gone into hiding inside a haunted house, being careful of ghosts and other spooky things while trying to take the pigs out and get their eggs back. Did we mention there is also a new block you’ll have to deal with?

That’s right. There is a new block making its first appearance in the Angry Birds franchise, and will probably only make its appearance in the Angry Birds Seasons game during Halloween. That is because it is a Ghost Block. These new blocks act like normal ones except you can shoot right through them. There are other secrets to find as well in this Halloween update which, if I may be so bold to say, is a hell of a lot better than the previous ones.

Like most seasonal updates to Angry Birds Seasons, there are 30 new levels for your to play through and Rovio has included some new spooky music to really try and get you in the Halloween spirit. The update just arrived so if you haven’t gotten it yet, go get it!

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Seasons

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