Day: October 26, 2012

Game News

Glu Mobile updates a bunch of games with Halloween content, also holds a sale as well

Want more Halloween content in your Android games? Well Glu Mobile has updated a number of their games with new Halloween themed content. Everything from zombie deer in Deer Hunter to your character having a pumpkin head and a bad ass broom in Eternity Warrior 2. Each game that has gotten updated has been treated to Halloween themed content unique to that specific game.

Game News

Sega puts Sonic CD and Football Manager 2012 on sale for Halloween

It seems like there is a lot more going on this year in regards to Halloween than last year and so we have even more news to share. This time it is coming from the fine folks at Sega who have put up a couple of titles on sale to celebrate Halloween. While iOS users get the better end of the stick with this sale, we do get Sonic CD and Football Manager Handheld 2012 on sale for a limited time.

Game News

Gameloft unleashes Zombiewood for you to kill zombies, lots of zombies

Earlier this month we talked about Gameloft’s upcoming dual-stick shooter called Zombiewood and that it would be coming to Android around Halloween. Well for those of you who enjoy dual-joystick action games, Zombiewood has arrived onto the Google Play store and will feed you hordes of zombies to mow down. There actually happens to be a decent amount of content in Zombiewood, aside from a ridiculous amount of zombies to kill.

Game News

Square Enix may be considering dropping their mobile game prices

Square Enix has been doing a decent job with bringing games to Android and even though iOS has more titles from the company, Android is slowly catching up. However, it is no secret that the prices Square Enix happens to be charging for their titles are more on the higher end of the scale. For instance, Chaos Rings rolls in at $12.99 while Final Fantasy III is sitting at $15.99. Recently Square Enix talked about their pricing and defending the price tags that come with some of their games. However, that may be heading for a change soon.

Game News

There is hope for Borderlands Legends to make its way to Android

It is no secret that the past week or so has been filled with a large amount of talk regarding Borderlands Legends which will be heading to iOS 4.3+ devices soon after an ad got leaked earlier this week. Since the ad leak Borderlands Legends has been confirmed to be arriving for iOS devices October 31st, 2012 for the iPhone and iPad. Since all of this has come to light, the Gearbox forums, 2K Games forums and our e-mail have been swamped with people wanting this game to also come to Android devices as well.

Game News

Electronic Arts releases Theme Park, build that theme park you always wanted

Electronic Arts has released a new game onto the Google Play store and with all the Halloween news, whether it is a full Halloween themed game released or just an update, this game actually has nothing to do with scaring the the hell out of yourself or other people, at least when it comes to wearing costumes. You can still scare the hell out of people, albeit Sim people, in their new game Theme Park.

Game News

Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 has finally arrived

The other bit of news we dropped yesterday before running out and taking the day off was that Penny Arcade had finally released their retro-style RPG title we have been reporting on over the past few months called On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. Developed by TinkerHouse Games and ZeBoyd Games, the fine folks that brought us Cthulhu Saves the World, this new game is one for the true RPG fans out there.

Game News

Dead Trigger gets an update for Halloween, sticks you in a haunted graveyard

Yesterday we took the day off because it was my birthday and the night before we had already started celebrating it. However, yesterday morning, in an attempt to at least give you, our readers, a heads up on a few items of news before taking the day off, I jumped onto our social media networks to let you know about a couple of games. One bit of information was that Madfinger Games had released an update themed around Halloween for their FPS game Dead Trigger.