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Dead Trigger gets an update for Halloween, sticks you in a haunted graveyard

Yesterday we took the day off because it was my birthday and the night before we had already started celebrating it. However, yesterday morning, in an attempt to at least give you, our readers, a heads up on a few items of news before taking the day off, I jumped onto our social media networks to let you know about a couple of games. One bit of information was that Madfinger Games had released an update themed around Halloween for their FPS game Dead Trigger.

This Halloween update for Dead Trigger brings a whole new zone for you to eradicate zombies in which is actually vary appropriate for this holiday, considering it is a haunted graveyard. With a new area also comes a new weapon, the rather enjoyable Crossbow. Speaking of eradicating zombies, to celebrate Halloween there will be swarms of zombies that have somehow managed to get pumpkins stuck on their heads.

Full Dead Trigger Halloween Changelog:

– Visit new arena: HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. It’s the scariest place in the City!
– Enjoy a new weapon! The CROSSBOW is equipped with blazing ballistics!
– Don’t forget to get MINIGUN – provided at a reduced price!
– BLAST the pumpkin heads and watch them roll around based on realistic physics!
– AlienGun EFFECT optimization for slower devices

Shooting the pumpkin heads on the zombies is actually quite entertaining. For those of you who didn’t grab the update yesterday when it was released, now is a good time to do so and get some practice in before Halloween gets here. Oh, and you can check out the official trailer for the Halloween update in the video above.

Google Play Link: Dead Trigger

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