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The winners of the Halloween Giveaway for the Nexus 7 tablets are…

On Halloween we started up a nice little giveaway where two people would win one of the two Nexus 7 16GB Tegra 3 Android tablets we were giving away. The two tablets, which were donated by nVidia (say thanks!), have had no owners and are all alone over at the nVidia offices. Today we are pleased to announce that this will be changing as we have selected the two winners for our Halloween Giveaway!

Let me just start by saying some of you people are some twisted individuals with what some of you have dressed up as. With that said, I encourage everyone to be as twisted as possible when next year’s Halloween comes and it is time to dress up again. Some of the costumes people have done over the past years are hilarious and if you haven’t read through all the comments in the giveaway’s initial post, you should as you’ll probably get a laugh or two out of it.

The two winners were selected at random and the selection had no bearing on what their answers were. However, to ensure everyone knows who we are talking about, I’m putting down what their answer was to our question for the giveaway beside their names. This is to eliminate the possibility of two people having the same name and thinking that they both won. So who won the two Nexus 7 16GB Tegra 3 Android tablets? Well here they are:

Scott M who dressed up as a painted blue smurf one year. Claimed

Ollie who dressed up as a Slitheen/Cyberman/Vampire from Doctor Who. I’m not even sure what they hell that would look like. Claimed

Both of these winner have 48 hours to contact us at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com in order to claim their prize. If someone doesn’t get in touch with us within 48 hours, we will have to give their prize to someone else. We will mark Claimed beside their name once we here from each winner.

As for everyone else who entered, you all had some very interesting costumes you wore at one point or another. Have no fear though, we have more surprises and giveaways coming up in the next week or so. Don’t go running off too far!

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