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Zenonia 5 and Baseball Superstars 2013 get trailers, makes us want them

A couple of days ago we posted about the onslaught of titles that would be heading our way over the next little while from Gamevil. A total of 30 games are currently slated for release on both Android and iOS and, while historically iOS usually gets them first followed by Android shortly after, there are some pretty impressive titles in their line-up including some rather big name retro games. However, right now we get a first look at a couple of new additions to Gamevil franchises that are quite popular, Zenonia 5 and Baseball Superstars 2013.

Zenonia 5 trailer

Gamevil Korea has recently released a couple of trailers, one only a couple of days ago, showing off each of these games. While the entire video is in Korean, we do get to see plenty of gameplay for each game. RPG fans will really enjoy how the next installment in the Zenonia series looks and feels while fans of the Baseball Superstars franchise have plenty to look forward to as well.

While we don’t know much about Zenonia 5 including any sort of release date, we do know that Baseball Superstars 2013 is slated for release in Korea this month before heading to the USA and the rest of the world shortly after (also in November) the Korean release. Of course you should expect to see iOS get it first before Android gets it shortly afterwards.

Baseball Superstars 2013 Trailer

If fact if you want to check out some other videos, hit up the Gamevil Korea YouTube channel as they have uploaded about 15 videos at least over the past 12 hours. They are all gameplay videos with no description so we don’t know half of the games they are from, but definitely cool to check out. If you happen to know what games the new gameplay videos are for, let us know!

Thanks to James N. for the tip!

Developer Website: Gamevil

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