Day: 6 November 2012


Shadowgun: DeadZone updated with better behind-the-scenes goodness

Shadowgun: Deadzone public beta has been out for a little bit now and the updates have been coming pretty rapidly while the crew at Madfinger Games work out bugs and improve the game overall so that they can eventually drop those beta tags. Today an update was pushed out and for the most part it was a more behind-the-scenes update. However, it does fix one bug you might be experiencing which is concerning spawning of your character, or the lack thereof.

Reviews 2

Fatal Frontier Review: Fatally Boring

I don’t get it. Of course I could just be getting old or out of touch with the latest and slickest new styles in Android gaming, but I honestly have no idea how anyone can play a game like Fatal Frontier and find it entertaining or challenging. I sat in bed, with my wife, and showed her just how silly the game can be. How silly? Well, if you have ever heard of Cow Clicker, a semi-art project that was supposed to be a sort of protest against the overly simplistic gameplay of games like FarmVille, then you might understand how Fatal Frontier made me feel.


Green Throttle controller and console system announced, coming from the creator of Guitar Heroes

If there are not enough new controllers coming out onto the market right now that peak your interest, such as the SteelSeries FREE, MOGA or Nyko controllers, then you’ll be happy to know there is at least one more heading our way coming from a newly announced company called Green Throttle. This company was created by one of the creators of Guitar Heroes and some mobile gaming industry veterans. The goal, however, isn’t just to make a new controller but to turn your Android phone or tablet into a true gaming console.


The MOGA mobile gaming system is now available at AT&T for $49.99

PowerA has sent out word that their MOGA mobile gaming system has finally begun arriving on the store shelves at 1,150 AT&T locations across the USA for the usual price of $49.99. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the MOGA controller, it allows for your phone to clip right into it, offering up all the standard buttons you could want in a full-size controller although slightly smaller in size and with the phone clasp. It can also double as a tablet gaming controller as well since it runs through Bluetooth.


Action Adventure game Bloom hits up Kickstarter, will be for OUYA when the console arrives

A new Action Adventure game has hit up Kickstarter in the hopes of getting funding to help get completed. Developed by Studio Fawn, Bloom is  great looking Unity3D built action adventure game with RPG elements layered onto it for a little extra depth. Currently Bloom is slated for release on PC, Mac and Xbox but when OUYA arrives it will be made available for that console as well since it is being made with Unity3D which allows the developers to launch the game on multiple platforms with very little effort or change.


DeNA’s Sweden office could be making a Halo-inspired shooter

You have to love rumors or vague statements which could or could not be true. Usually in the mobile world, this involve photos by Mr. Blurrycam half the time, half of which are usually faked anyways. In the gaming world, this usually involve reading between the lines of what some people say, doing some hunting of your own, and trying to piece together what is truth and what is not. Sometimes it ends up being wrong but the majority of the time, the truth is usually found out.