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Green Throttle controller and console system announced, coming from the creator of Guitar Heroes

If there are not enough new controllers coming out onto the market right now that peak your interest, such as the SteelSeries FREE, MOGA or Nyko controllers, then you’ll be happy to know there is at least one more heading our way coming from a newly announced company called Green Throttle. This company was created by one of the creators of Guitar Heroes and some mobile gaming industry veterans. The goal, however, isn’t just to make a new controller but to turn your Android phone or tablet into a true gaming console.

While this can be achieved already with just using HDMI-out to your TV and hooking up a Bluetooth controller in order to play Android games on your HDTV, Green Throttle is looking to take it a step further by offering up games specifically designed to be played on your HDTV with your Android phone or tablet being used as an actual console unit. Features like split screen multiplayer and other items you would traditionally find in a console game will be built natively inside Green Throttle supported games, which you run on your Android device like normal to your TV via HDMI-out, effectively turning your Android device into a true console. In the video below you do get to see what the Green Throttle controller looks like right now as well as some games being played on it.

The controller itself will be a standard console controller with all of the button you would want, which then connects to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Green Throttle will be developing games in-house it sounds like but other companies have already jumped on board, testing their games out on the Green Throttle system such as nWay and their RPG ChronoBlade. There will be an application that you’ll need to use on your Android device that will show Green Throttle compatible titles.

Today’s announcement is for the developer packs which have gone on sale for $89.99 over at their store as an early bird special for developers who want to get in early and begin testing and readying their games for Green Throttle’s launch. The developer SDK, which provides all the software tools you’ll need, is available as a free download all the time. The developer pack comes with a controller and additional hook-ups. Developers who purchase an early bird dev pack will have them shipped out on December 12th, 2012. This means the controller and games from Green Throttle should be arriving early to mid 2013.

Developer Website: Green Throttle

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