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Shadowgun: DeadZone updated with better behind-the-scenes goodness

Shadowgun: Deadzone public beta has been out for a little bit now and the updates have been coming pretty rapidly while the crew at Madfinger Games work out bugs and improve the game overall so that they can eventually drop those beta tags. Today an update was pushed out and for the most part it was a more behind-the-scenes update. However, it does fix one bug you might be experiencing which is concerning spawning of your character, or the lack thereof.

One bug players were suffering from sometimes is the lack of being able to spawn when killed. Instead you would receive a message saying ‘Unable to Spawn’. This bug has been fixed and eliminated according to the changelog so that shouldn’t happen again. Other than that, the update focused on network stability and improvements, strengthening the back-end and eliminating major lags that have been happening as well at the same time. If you haven’t downloaded the update, you can do so right now as it is live on Google Play.

Google Play Link: Shadowgun: Deadzone

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