Day: November 7, 2012

Game News

Looks like the My Little Pony game is going to be released soon for Android

While we all wait for the My Little Pony game to be unleashed onto Google Play for all the My Little Pony fans out there, we do know that the iOS version of the game is slated for release tomorrow, along side the numerous other big titles released that seem to be planned for November 8th, 2012 on both Android and iOS. That means that the Android version of the My Little Pony game could show up tomorrow as well, or shortly thereafter.

Game News

Quietly, Ninja Gaiden invades Android devices but only in Japan right now

Back in August of this year we talked about two games that were coming to the Mobage social gaming platform that we were hoping would make it to the rest of the world and not just Japan. Those games were Ninja Gaiden and Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting, both of which were definitely coming to Android at the time we initially reported on both titles, they happened to be labeled as Japan-only releases for the time being.

Game News

Chillingo releases Tiny Troopers because size doesn’t matter

Chillingo has brushed off the dust that has collected on them since their last release and have launched a new game onto Google Play called Tiny Troopers. As the game’s description says, in this game you will be taking control of a “petite platoon of crack soldiers in a variety of wee war zones as you battle through an epic third-person-shooter campaign“. Chillingo reassures us that size doesn’t matter, at least not to these guys.

Game News

A new 3D MMORPG called Lands of Ammox is under development for Android

A new 3D MMORPG is currently being developed for mobile, including Android devices, called Lands of Ammox. This particular game features the more realistic style of visuals found in PC-based MMORPG titles like the original Guild Wars and so on. Lands of Ammox is a fantasy themed title that deals with two warring factions on a continent called Sivloreia, with each faction containing multiple races to choose from.

Game News

The classic Amiga game, Alien Breed, has been remade and is heading for Playstation Mobile

A classic top-down shooter has been remade and will be making its way to Playstation Mobile on November 17th, 2012. Coming from the folks over at Team17 Digital Limited, Alien Breed will be making its new debut appearance on mobile devices that are Playstation Certified in ten days, bringing with it the same classic shooter gameplay you may have enjoyed back in 1991 when it was originally released.

Game News

Bridge Captain by Square Particle Corp is here to tide you over till Star Command is out

For those of us looking forward to getting our hands on the upcoming action-sim game from War Drum Studios called Star Command when it is finally released onto Android, we may need something to fill the void in while we are waiting. While not exactly on the same level as Star Command is, there does happen to be a neat little space themed retro game which does give off the same sort of feel that Star Command accomplishes called Bridge Captain by Square Particle Corp.

Game News

DeNA drops some serious cash, buys 20% stake in Rage of Bahamut developer

We’ve seen this happen before with really popular mobile game developers such as Funzio which GREE paid $210 million for after their Crime City game spent months on the top of the Top Grossing games chart on Google Play. Now, DeNA is getting into the action but instead of buying the company outright, they have decided to buy into Cygames, developers of the widely popular action trading card game Rage of Bahamut, taking a 20% stake in the company for 7.4 billion Yen which converts to approximately $92 million USD.

Game News

Shadowgun: Deadzone will be officially out of beta on November 15th for everyone to enjoy

Madfinger Games’ multiplayer version of their popular third-person shooter game called Shadowgun will be dropping its beta tags and becoming an officially release in a week’s time. Announced over Twitter by the fine folks at Madfinger Games, Shadowgun: Deadzone has gotten an new trailer to celebrate the official release date for when the beta tags will be dropping.

Game News

Clash of Clans port by Supercell won’t be happening for Android

Once in awhile we get to report on news that, in this day and age, we really shouldn’t have to report on but end up having to anyways due to the popularity of a particular game and the fact that there surely are Android gamers out there hoping that said particular game would be coming to Android. Today we get to do one of these reports on Clash of Clans, developed by Supercell, who has announced that a port will not be arriving for Android, at least not for right now.