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Gameloft release more details about Modern Combat 4 including perks, new weapons and maps

Gameloft has released a fair amount of more details about their upcoming addition to their Modern Combat franchise, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, thanks to an update to the Modern Combat official website. The new update to the site brings addition details about the game across a variety of topics including the Perks system, new weapons and new maps.

The update shows off some information about the new weapons, both gun and grenade related, including the stats for each one of them. Not all is revealed though as some of the content is still locked away until Gameloft decided to release more of it for us to ingest but for now, it is a good start. So far, a lot of the guns Gameloft has revealed in this update have full statistics you can check out by clicking on the ‘Discover’ link for each particular gun, giving you a rundown of important stats like Portability, Range, Handling, Damage and so on. The same holds true for the grenades that have now been revealed as well.

Some of the Support features have also been revealed including Turrets, ground and air drones, and even a stealth bomber. However, aside from a quick tease and a little information about them, all the statistics are still hidden behind closed doors. The Perks system has been revealed and outlined for each type of specialization that will be coming in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. For example, Stealth specialization has perks like Opportunism, Sneak, Proximity Mine, Sixth Sense and so on.

There is a lot of new information to digest with this update to the Modern Combat website so by all means hit up the link below and go through all the new information that is now available. This will tide you over for a bit and get you planning for how you want to dive into Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour when it arrives for Android. All the new information is available right now by clicking the ‘Guide’ link at the top of the website.

Official Website: Modern Combat

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